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As a touring and session bassist, Isaias Elpes has worked with Grammy/Oscar Award-winning artists in the studio and on the road. In 2016, he won the Grand Prize for Bass in Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition, which sparked his career in LA after studying under the tutelage of Abraham Laboriel. Elpes's expertise spans genres including pop, jazz, funk, world, R&B/soul and rock, and he specializes in both electric and upright bass.


Below is a selection of his most notable work as a sideman. 



Gloria Estefan

Elpes is credited as co-arranger and bassist (electric) on Gloria Estefan's hit single "Cuando Hay Amor," released by Sony in 2020. He also appears on the full-length 2020 album, "BRAZIL305" on multiple tracks on electric bass.


Mateus Asato

On electric bass, Elpes shared the stage with Mateus Asato for the 2020 Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia from February 28 - March 1, 2020. 

java mateus.jpeg
tiago 2.jpeg


Tiago Iorc

In 2019, Elpes joined as the bassist (electric and upright) and backup vocals for Tiago Iorc's MTV Acústico live taping and album recording - aired on MTV in partnership with Universal Music Group - and for the 3-month national Brazil tour to follow. He was also featured on bass on the 2019 single "Pode Se Achegar" (Agnes and Tiago Iorc).


Marcos Valle

As part of the special presentation of "Jazz Está Muerto" produced by ArtDontSleep in Los Angeles, Elpes was featured on electric bass for the sold out, double set Marcos Valle performance.

lee 3.jpeg


Lee Ritenour

Elpes has toured on electric bass with Lee Ritenour since 2016, performing at such iconic venues as Blue Note Tokyo, Emperor Hotel Macau and Harris Center, and in festivals like Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival and Festival of the Arts Laguna Beach. He has also joined on tours with Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin. 


Brian McKnight

Performing at Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2018 and featured on electric bass, Elpes performed alongside Brian McKnight and a symphony orchestra for the KYCC Benefit Concert.

brian kycc.jpeg
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