As one of the industry's burgeoning songwriters, Elpes's music has been featured on international albums and soundtracks. He holds arrangements credits on hit singles like Gloria Estefan's "Cuando Hay Amor;" his original compositions have been licensed for television, and he has written and produced scores and sound effects for short films and trailers. 

Below is a selection of his recent work and placements. 

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MANIFESTO // Stalker

Elpes is credited as composer and effects in this film by Mateus Ferreira and Rafael Trindade. The short film is a dramatization of a Brazilian poem.


Os Continentes de Dentro

For the book trailer of Brazilian novelist María Elena Morán Elenco's "Os Continentes de Dentro, Elpes scored, recorded all instrumentation and mixed/edited the soundtrack.

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Cuando Hay Amor

In 2019, Elpes joined as the bassist (electric and upright) and backup vocals for Tiago Iorc's MTV Acústico live taping and album recording - aired on MTV in partnership with Universal Music Group - and for the 3-month national Brazil tour to follow. He was also featured on bass on the 2019 single "Pode Se Achegar" (Agnes and Tiago Iorc).


CBS "Zoo"

Elpes's original song "Oye Mulato" was featured in the pilot episode of CBS Primetime's "Zoo."



USA "Rush"

Elpes's original song "Oye Mulato" was featured in the pilot episode of USA's "Rush."